Thinking about new skills........

Today I've been thinking about new crafts that I would like to learn, apart from taking up most of my day thinking about this, I've decided in the next few months that I should try to actually learn some new skills instead of thinking about them.

Screen printing is a skill that I've been wanting to do for some time (part of the reason I haven't done it is that the courses are very expensive), I would really like to get this under my belt so that I can incorporate some designs on material and make these part of my projects for a personal touch, and also nothing makes me happier than a messy craft especially with paint. On the printing theme I would also like to lino print, I like the rustic feel that these prints give and this is something that I can learn at home - so once pay day comes I shall be investing in some lino printing kit (watch this space for some tales of my lino learning).

I'd also like to do some upholstery however I feel like I'd be the kind of person to make a million chairs and nothing else, plus at this point in time I have no room in the house for more furniture so I dont know what I'd do with my projects, however this may be something to consider later in the year.

What crafts do you want to learn, or more so which would you recommend that I consider trying.....


  1. I'd love to learn upholstery too. I've covered some stools and a headboard, but that was using gaffer tape and a staplegun, so probably doesn't count!

    If you haven't done dyeing before, I'd recommend it. I love colour so its a craft that I really enjoy. There's such a variety of techniques to try and, after the dyes themselves, there's not much expensive equipment needed.

    Look forward to seeing how you get on with lino printing. I'd love to learn that too, if I ever have the time!

  2. My degree is in fine art printmaking, lino and screen print I did a lot of as well as acid etching (maybe later!) But if you want to pick my brains at all feel free to ask x

  3. I'd say gaffer tape and a staplegun does count - that is real creative crafting - haha!

    I've never thought about dying I shall look into and it sounds like it might be messy - yay

  4. Ruth I may definitely pick your brains you may want to avoid me as I will have a million and one questions

  5. I have a big list of crafts that I would like to try - embroidery and cross stitch, book binding, patchwork, make a sock monkey, paper cutting - I could go on!!
    Anna x