About Me

Hello! Firstly thank you very much for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy it. My name's Collette and this blog is all about my love of craft and the projects that I do (no doubt it will also include some of my other adventures). Craft is a big part of my life and is something I get a lot of pleasure out of, and I am always looking for new ideas and challenges.

I am also a serious craft book addict and for sure this will play a big part of the blog, it will also include lots of tutorial, tips, hints and general helpful things...........

Here are a few questions I've done to give you a little insight into me:

What is my favourite building? The V&A I just love the exhibitions especially the costume exhibitions as I find them very inspiring 

How Do I relax? Crafting, tending my allotment and reading

What is my favourite animal? Deers I'm completely obsessed and you will see that they feature a lot in my crafting (I actually have a very unhealthy obsession)