Experimenting with Screenprinting

So last Saturday I ventured into screenprinting for the first time, and if nothing else I learnt how to cover myself in paint as did claireabellemakes who came on the course with me.

The course was run by Clive Riggs who was probably the most patient teacher in the world (having to put up with my thousands of questions) and extremely talented. We started the morning by being introduced to the kit needed to print, and then we got straight in to it. So to start with Clive got us to print without template to get use to using the screen. So as you would of guessed I grab the brightest pink paint available and got stuck in and luckily it worked (I loved the pink but it did like to dye everything around it no matter how much I washed it).
We then went on to do our first template print and I decided to make a cupcake (yes 1 hour in and all I could think about was when could I eat - I did sneak a kit kat in though), which printed up lovely. Then we use the cut outs of the template to create another image and I turned my cupcake into a cup of tea - I really liked this exercise as it made me think about transitioning one image into another and  I am thinking about this a lot at the moment.
Then came to the final picture of the day where I started to get ever so slightly carried away and decided to print a sperm whale (I then obsessed with sperm whales for quiet a while). With this I decided to do a multi layered whale using different techniques (it did look slightly like a child had done it but I loved it (I don't have a picture of it as i gave it to Mr CG - but here is my dodgy whale I did first time around).
If you haven't tried screenprinting you definitely should its fun, bring the child out in you and is a brilliant technique to use. Next week is lino printing - get me!