Nobody puts this baby in the corner!

At the end of May I have a new niece due to arrive which is all very exciting. So in anticipation of her arrival I have been making her a hat and topper blanket. I made the lovely Carina Spencer Gift Wrap Bonnet which is completely adorable (I made the smallest size and am slightly worried if the baby has a big head it wont fit). I made the hat is Sirdar Snuggly with a lovely duck button (it took longer to chose the button than it took to make the hat) they had run out of the button in lilac so had to have a bright yellow duck instead.

I then went on to make a lovely crochet blanket using the principle of granny squares (yes I know I hate them but it works well in the blanket), with a double crochet edge. Again I used the Sirdar Snuggly (I really like this wool as it's an acrylic blend than has a really nice feel so is baby friendly for the washing machine).
The presents are now all wrapped up and ready to post tomorrow. I do hope they like them........

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