Ta Dah....The dress is complete!

Well after several weeks of my fabulous dressmaking class I have completed the masterpiece. I was hoping to be posting a lovely picture of me in Paris in the dress (but the awful snow on the continent has stopped me from going - sob sob sob). So you have one of me looking slightly grump and sleepy.

The dress I chose was the Miz Mozelle dress pattern, and I made it up with some lovely navy jersey from my favourite dressmaking shop 'Sew Over It'. I trimmed the dress with red bias and topped it off with a lovely button.

The dress taught me lots of skills, especially adding in sleeves and a collar (I have to say sleeves are a complete nightmare so I will be making lots more garments to practice this technique). The pattern itself was at points a little lacking on information and without my fabulous dressmaking teacher I may have given up very early on. I am glad I persisted and came out with a fantastic dress.
Right I now need some new shoes to go with it.........


  1. *long deep wolf whistle* That is a seriously foxy dress lady and you wear it well. Very well done. You are making me want to get the singer out again soon!

    So sorry you had to miss out on Paris. I am sure you will get there soon. Did you take travel insurance you can claim it on - if not scout around and make sure you don't have a policy attached to a bank account or credit card you can use.

    1. Thank you! My hair does look like it has been dragged through a hedge.

      Luckily I booked everything through Eurostar and I called and they refunded everything (on a non-refundable ticket). I think I got away with it. More money to spend on wool and material....

  2. That looks gorgeous lovely! So sorry to hear about Paris though :(

  3. You look fab! So proud of your dress making skills (and a little envious!). Can't believe the silly weather stopped your trip :-( x

  4. By the way lovely I followed Claire's blog button to you from her blog and the little one has an error and says craftglitten in the url instead of crafty so you can't get to your blog I had to add the y. Does that make sense?


  5. Amazing well done, looks fabulous. Shame you didn't get to show it off in Paris :(