After going to see my lovely allotment on Sunday I have been thinking a lot about motivation.

I have been avoiding going to my allotment since Christmas, last year after three rounds of planting seedlings which all got eaten by slugs and pigeons (every creatures need a meal but give me a break) I felt completely disheartened and avoided going to do any work for fear I would walk away from it forever. I sat at home making plans to go and when it came to it I remained on the sofa, with plenty of excuses of why I couldn't go (ruining the soil structure featured heavily in my list). However on Sunday I finally went - the excuses had run dry and I knew I had to go (Mr CG would of dragged me there kicking and screaming I think), after the huffing and puffing and dragging my feet all the way there, I was surprised of how happy I became when I saw my little plot. I couldn't get stuck in quick enough (weeding, ripping up areas for planting and my favorite part planning what to plant in each bed for the coming year), and by the end of my visit I had a plan and all of a sudden my passion and motivation back, which I couldn't of been happier about as I am always such a positive person that I questioned who was I becoming, and why I was behaving in such a manner.

Where had my motivation gone and how did it come back so quickly? I was thinking about this on my way home and for days afterwards. I partly feel that if I am away from something and cant see the space I am working with (in gardening, craft and work) I lose focus and quickly my creativity process vanishes and without that I never have motivation to finish projects or I quickly hide from them. Also I identified another issue that if things don't go according to plan (such as naughty greedy pigeons ruining them) I can get very frustrated and this in the past has affected my motivation. This if nothing else has enabled me to identify some issues that block my motivation and focus, but in the coming year I am going to deal even in the most difficult situations. So to start with I need to finish my projects that are all half finished and have a fantastic allotment year (if anybody has any suggestions for interesting vegetables please do shout).

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